We are roasters, retailers and wholesalers of the finest hand-crafted coffees based in Bournemouth and Chester.

Wellington Coffee

Our Aim

The coffee world is diverse and exciting, developing all the time. Our aim at Wellington Coffee is to help our customers explore the variety of coffees available from around the world.

There is still far too much bland and boring coffee being served in the UK but, much like in the wine industry, consumers are becoming more discerning.

Wellington Coffee

Our Interests

Interest in the origins, production methods and flavour profiles is increasing and coffee drinkers are becoming more adventurous.

All our coffees are chosen for their distinctive aroma and flavour characteristics. We spend a huge amount of time cupping to ensure that we provide our customers with the most interesting single-origin coffees and blends.

Wellington Coffee

Our Passion

We take great pride in the quality of our products and ensure that every batch is roasted to get the best out of the bean.

Wellington Coffee uses two different size roasters – a 6kg and 1kg, allowing us to roast as little as 250g if required. This means that all our coffee is delivered as fresh as possible which is so important to the quality of the cup.